I’m a member, and my contact information has changed. How can I update my information?

Fill out the contact us form on this website and let us know what information we need to correct.

What happens if I let my membership expire?

NARI allows renewal to occur up to 60 days from your membership expiration date after which you will be dropped. At that point in time, you would no longer receive member benefits.

I used to be employed by a company who is a member of NARI. My new employer is not. Can they join?

Yes, they would just need to fill out an application and go through the membership process.

What is a member-at-large?

They are members that joins national directly without having a local chapter affiliation. This occurs when a joining company is located more than 70 miles away from an existing chapter.

How much does it cost to join?

For new members who join Austin NARI, the fee is $655 for the first year and $605 every year after that if you remain in good standing.

My company is a member. Can I join as an individual?

NARI memberships are by company not by individual. If your company is a member, you are automatically a part of the organization. If you leave that company and are hired by another.

How do I get the NARI logo?

The NARI logo is available from our Executive Officer. Please contact them for the logo and use guidelines.

How do I log in to the Members Only section of the website?

Austin NARI presently does not maintain a members only section of the website. However, NARI National does. Your user name is the email you have provided for your membership record, and your password upon joining is the word ‘password’ in all lowercase. If you have already logged in and changed your password, but cannot remember it, you can contact us at 1-800-611-NARI or info@nari.org to have your password reset.