Download the Austin NARI Member Application to submit information for a new membership or to edit your membership information.

Full payment must be secured at the time of application for new membership. New applications can’t be processed without full payment. Payment can be made credit card by emailing the Austin NARI Credit Card Authorization Form.

Both forms may be submitted via email to Kayvon Leath, Austin NARI Executive Director.

Credit cards will not be run until the application is approved by the Austin NARI Board of Directors. If your application is denied, your credit card information will not be retained in our records.

Annual Dues

The New and Renewal member registration fee is $797.50. Payment is required when filling out the application for new members.

Note: Austin NARI is a non-profit organization and in order to save costs it has become necessary to charge a convenience fee on all credit card transactions. Starting 03/01/2021 we will be charging an extra 3% on all such transactions. We thank you for understanding and helping us lower our costs.

Apply For Membership

To apply for new membership in Austin NARI:

If you would prefer to provide your credit card information over the phone rather than through email, please note that in the email containing your application and Kayvon will arrange to call you to collect that financial information.