Austin NARI has established its Workforce Development Program (WFDP) to mentor, train, educate and inspire our future workforce to promote a strong presence in the trades throughout the construction industry.

Austin NARI members are encouraged to join in the development of the WFDP. Interested members should contact David Davison.


The WFDP’s objectives include:

  1. Creating a network of guest speakers and trainers for already established high school education programs that will allow Austin NARI to promote outreach efforts at Middle and High School Career Days, Cool Week, and other appropriate events
  2. Expanding the Peer Networking Program developed by American Youth Works and Austin NARI to reach other educational communities
  3. Developing an Internship Program for High School students and Austin NARI members
  4. Defining an Apprenticeship Program sponsored by Austin NARI to promote craftsmanship amongs the building community
  5. Creating the Austin NARI Foundation as a (501(C) 3) to provide donations, scholarships and purchases for the various programs
  6. Building a fundraising program for the Austin NARI Foundation
  7. Partnering with other trade associations for large scale events

Development Process

Over the next three years, the WFDP will:

  1. Work with our targeted schools with training, mentoring and networking and develop the support program
  2. Expand the peer Networking Program
  3. Build relationships with other trade associations
  4. Create video for our Outreach Initiatives

We Need You

To bring the WFDP to the next level, we need your help, Austin NARI members. Please contact David Davison to join this noble project!

Donate To The WFDP

The WFDP is funded by donations, and we’d truly appreciate yours. Use the PayPal button below to donate now. Any amount will help us reach our goals of mentoring, training, educating and inspiring our future workforce. Thank you for your involvement!