Tour Promotion Information

Thank you for Partnering with the 12th Annual Tour of Homes. The Austin NARI Chapter is a growing chapter that represents the successful businesses in the Remodeling industry. Our Tour of Homes provides the Austin community to experience the creativity, details, designs and craftsmanship associated with our members. This is a great way to get involved.

NARI Austin is proud to partner with Austin Monthly for the 12th annual Tour of Remodeled Homes. Austin Monthly is producing and distributing 27,000 copies of our Tour Guide to high-income households in the Austin market and supplying the participants with copies at the tour site.

We are adding value by digital online flipbook displays on our web site. We will also have a full-page ad in September & Octoberโ€™s Austin Monthly Magazine.

We will also promote the tour at the Austin Home & Garden Show on August 15-17, in the Austin American Statesman, at several prominently placed Street Banners locations, Post it Notes placed on the Austin American Statesman, and postcard mail-outs, etc. these are some of the opportunities available to you.

At this 12th Annual Tour of Remodeled Homes, we will be donating a portion of our ticket sales to two non-profit organizations that will partner with Austin NARI to promote the tour to their contact database.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Below are the sponsorship opportunities for the Austin NARI 2014 Tour of Homes:

  • Platinum Sponsorship $5,000
    Your company will receive a Full-page ad in the Tour of Homes Guide, 4 Premier Party tickets, 4 Tour of Homes tickets, Banner ad on the NARI Web site for 3 months
    Two Total Slots
    None Available
    Sold: Stock Building Supply
    Sold: BMC
  • Underwriter Sponsor $3,500
    Your company will receive a ½ page ad in the Tour of Home Guide, 2 Premier Party tickets, and 2 Tour of Home tickets
  • Gold Sponsor $1,250
    Your company will receive ¼ page ad in the Tour of Home Guide, 2 Premier Party tickets, and 2 Tour of Home tickets
  • Bag Sponsor $2,000
    Your company will provide 600 recyclable bags that has your approved logo on it & the Austin NARI Logo on it with materials inside provided by your company
    Three Total Slots
    One Available
  • Water/Snack Tent $1,500
    Two Total Slots
    Your company will provide water and/or snack at assigned homes for visitors to take with them after touring the home & heading to the next home. Austin NARI will assign which homes for tent assignments.
  • Wristband Sponsor $1,000
    One Total Slot
    None Available
  • Volunteer T-Shirt Sponsors $500
    Ten Total Slots
    All our volunteers will be given a shirt to wear for the 2-day tour. Your logo will be on the back of the t-shirts with the Austin NARI logo on front
  • Bronze Sponsor
    Your company must have provided the work for that builder’s home and you are responsible for providing the literature at that home.
    Members $275.00
    Non-Members $375.00
  • Premier Party Sponsor $2,500
    One Total Slot
    Sold: Factory Builders Store
  • Please contact Austin NARI Executive Director Kayvon Leath ( or 512-375-2601) for additional details or to reserve a sponsorship.